Casey Lewis: Keynote Speaker


Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to speak and train with thousands of people at events all over the country. From 20 minute keynotes to week long workshops, I’d love to see if we can work together and magnify the work your team is already doing.

Fill out this quick form to check my availability and I’ll follow up with you soon.

Speaker Reel


"Killed it at my event!  Sooo good."

Jon Acuff - New York Times Best Selling Author


Your style makes a difficult to understand subject interesting all the way through. Your examples and suggestions are relevant, especially for the college age group just starting out on their own."

Carolyn Henderson

"I am quite impressed with your simple common-sense approach to finances.

I wish I heard this when I began my career in financial institutions and my married life in back in 1967. It could have made life easier.”

Jane Lange