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Working With Me!

One on One

A deep dive into your personal finances where together we review your insurance policies, your investing plans, your personal budget, your debts, your spending and more.

Together we make sure you’re saving the most money you can, spending money where you want to spend it efficiently, and develop an action plan to accomplish key financial goals.

You’ll learn how to get out of debt, invest for the future, and if you’re married how to work together as a team with your money.

Price varies based on length of time we work together and the topics we will discuss.

Group Coaching

Maybe you just need someone to show you the basic ideas of budgeting, or getting out of debt, or buying insurance.

From there you can develop your own plan for your own personal situation. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions about your own personal situation and get advice on the best places to start during the class as well as by email.

These sessions have anywhere from 3-10 other families on the call, and fill up on a first scheduled basis.

Business Coaching

Boost revenue, control expenses, increase profits. Let’s help you build a business that works for you, even when you’re not working.

Some things we’re awesome at: marketing strategy and development, social media presence and influence, blogging, debt management, customer acquisition, marketing automation, website and graphics development, and more.

Price varies

What My Clients Are Saying

Tammy Helfrich

“We have been through other financial courses in the past. We’ve paid off more than 3/4 of our debt, and we recognize the value of the debt snowball and budgeting. While we are excited that our financial situation is much better than what it was, we have gotten lazy when it comes to sticking to a budget. We knew the principles in our heads, and were applying it to some degree, but we were coasting along without a plan.

Casey’s coaching reminded me of the value of sticking to a budget in order to achieve your financial goals. Choosing where your money goes each month is how you finally get completely out of debt, and start building wealth. Casey gives you all of the tools and resources and encouraging reminders to work with your money instead of against it.

Stearns family

“In our first 30-minute consultation, Casey listened to our story, asked for clarification and further information when needed, and ended the session by giving us several concrete steps we could immediately take to improve our financial situation.

We appreciate his ability to pinpoint trouble areas and ways to get over those sticking points.

If your finances are a mess or if you are just in need of fresh eyes on your situation, I whole-heartedly recommend you get with Casey.”

Jen Moff

I came to Casey for financial guidance.  I had heard great things from mutual friends and I knew he was not only humble, but personable too.

Casey’s process is extremely efficient, having used it himself. Not only did he listen to my concerns and needs, but he also helped develop a plan that will make my money work for me.

I am very grateful that our paths crossed, and I would to recommend him to ANYONE! Thank you so much Casey.